STC’s Jim ‘Noah’ McPeak a startup guy


Jay Clayton Wilson

“Noah,” as his friends call him, is one of the most fascinating new members we are honored to have at STC. You are going to love playing tennis with him and hearing the myriad of stories he has to tell about a very successful life.

A reasonable question to ask is, “What’s a startup guy?” By Noah’s definition he initiates a new company with a new idea, runs it for an average of about five years, and then sells the company or its assets to investors or larger companies that are advantaged by his efforts. Initially his ventures were in the field of human care. Later he changed his emphasis to animal care.

For example, one of his first ventures was an outreach to hospitals in which registered nurses could obtain and submit body analysis from their own computers using Noah’s software. The next venture enabled the collection and testing of blood specimens for insurance companies. His turn-around time was approximately 24 hours rather than the lengthy procedures that were then in place for HIV testing.

A most interesting enterprise involved a software package that made it faster for small hospitals to process claims. The program went nationwide and was acquired by WebMD.

Pet Health System provided a pet wellness report that combined laboratory information with life style specifics to veterinarians who incorporated it into a database. Pfizer bought it and employs it worldwide.

A guy who loves fun, Noah is the Porsche Club of America president of his local chapter. Watch for his beautiful 911 around SaddleBrooke. And his Harley. And his B.O.S.S. M109.

All of this is well and good. But can he play tennis?

Yes. Noah’s topspin forehand elongates the ball. When it hits the court surface it takes off like a Bob Johnson lob on low altitude steroids.

Best of all, Noah’s court disposition is delightfully low key, personable and respectful. Like so many of our players, he is the epitome of a gentleman during the game. He just brings a diplomatic dynamism to everything he does. You may expect that here on our courts.

Noah brings that high speed dimension to the game that makes it exciting to play. Top that off with a witty, engaging conversationalist who has a world of unusual, interesting stories to tell. It will be fun to encounter him on the courts and at our magnificent parties. STC members are known for their welcoming spirit and their fun loving ways. We welcome new members like Noah and greet them with open arms at our numerous social events. Debbie McGeehan is already planning a great party for the Fourth of July, our Independence Day celebration.

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