Meet the newest Community Circle Players for April production

Andrea Molberg

This April, CCP (Community Circle Players) will give SaddleBrooke a live mystery dinner treat – Mafioso Murders. Actors will be moving among the diners dropping clues at CCP’s latest “whodunit.” Last year almost 900 attended CCP’s first dinner mystery, so plan early.

Tickets for Mafioso Murders, which include the performance and an Italian themed dinner for only $49, go on sale February 7 for: April 8, 9, 10 and 11 in the HOA One Vistas; April 12, 13 and 14 at HOA Two Ballroom.

Three new performers joined this year’s troupe:

JP Blount (“Mugsy”) and his wife Cindy are snowbirds from Amboy, Washington who bought a home in SaddleBrooke two years ago. Previously, JP was in the restaurant business where he met Cindy, a management labor attorney and then owner of the JP Blount Financial Group, providing life insurance and financial planning for over 20 years.

JP loved participating in speech and drama clubs in high school. Recently a friend who was in last year’s dinner theater suggested that he try out for this year’s production Mafioso Murders. Reminded of all the energy, enthusiasm and laughter shared when bringing a play to life, JP was honored when offered the part of Mugsy, a wise cracking smart aleck. JP’s friends say the role isn’t much of a stretch for him! Audiences should be prepared to laugh out loud as they try to unravel the mystery.

JP and Cindy serve as vice-presidents of the SaddleBrooke Squares dance club and are members of the Community Church of SaddleBrooke and the hiking club. They both love Arizona winters, SaddleBrooke and the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Just over a year ago, Monica Gustafson (“Foxy Hyde”), a Canadian from Winnipeg, moved to SaddleBrooke Ranch with her husband. If you have ever experienced -40 degrees you’ll understand why they escaped to the warmth of Tucson!

Monica retired from a 42-year career as a school Speech Language Pathologist and, in addition to her work as a therapist, spent 20 years learning and practicing the skill of storytelling. She performed at numerous school concerts and the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival. Her “group stage” experience has been behind the scenes, working for 18 years with high school musical productions doing everything from costumes to sound board, to assistant director. She’s excited about this new opportunity to be part of a group production!

Monica and her husband have hosted a number of fun Murder Mystery evenings, so she feels this will be an entertaining evening for everyone – performers and audience!

Judi Rickner (“Aunt Chovie”) moved to SaddleBrooke on September 22, 2016 to be closer to her sister and sister’s hubby who live in Picture Rocks. She wanted an active community with a view and SaddleBrooke is perfect.

When young she was lucky enough to travel all over the world, but technically Judi always lived somewhere in Oregon, with the last 17 years on the Oregon Coast. She not only loves the ocean, she also discovered that she loves our mountains and desert.

“Since I have absolutely no theater experience, this is a totally new adventure for me. Hopefully being a people person and having a joke gene that sometimes runs amuck will prepare this newbie for being on stage.” She hopes the audience has a wonderful time, leaves with a smile and looks forward to the next production.