STC Labor Day tennis social

More than 100 members and guests enjoy a great lunch.

More than 100 members and guests enjoy a great lunch.

June Buntain celebrates 93 years

June Buntain celebrates 93 years

Jay Clayton Wilson

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than to have mixed doubles tennis matches in the morning followed by a terrific lunch consisting of hamburgers and hotdogs, all cooked on the Tennis Center grill?

That’s how we did it this year. Almost 70 players participated in the matches. Then more than 100 members and guests enjoyed goodies from the grill with chili, dips, chips and drinks on our shaded patio beneath fresh breezes from ceiling fans. The party was colorful and cheerful in the tradition of tennis parties at SaddleBrooke.

Our club is deeply appreciative of every member who volunteers to make these events possible and successful. Not surprisingly, Debbie McGeehan served as overall chair. Joyce Wantuck served as food coordinator, while the Tennis Coordinators included George Collins, Carol Eisenbraun, Riley Jackson and Melanie Murphy.

Now, on to the good part; Richard Wantuck and Randy Zimmerman grilled the hamburgers and hotdogs to culinary perfection. The entire membership thanks the STC for providing all of the makings including buns, utensils, plates, cups, tea and lemonade. Our thanks go out loud and clear to all the members who provided the sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onions, nuts, chips, dips, desserts, ice cream and every delicious accoutrement that made the party more than perfect.

A special summertime thanks goes to Gary Greenbaum, Chad Stettler and Kathy Majer who served ice cream to everyone. There were plenty of toppings available for the sweet-creation types as all manner of sundaes were seen briefly before being eagerly consumed.

Clare Collins, Sue Case, Loretta Edgerton, Stephanie Thomas, Kathy Majer, Mary Zimmerman and Geri Sandilands handled all the food for the entire party. Judie Renfrow expertly handled the check-in desk. Thank you for your efforts. And thanks to Frank Valenti, Rufus Renfrow and Kent Naugle for the hard work involved in setting up the tables and chairs that were situated so perfectly around the patio.

One of the highlights of the day was the celebration (just a few days early) of the ninety-third birthday for June Buntain who was an active tennis player until just a few years ago. June’s daughter, Bonnie, presented her with a lovely birthday cake while those in attendance serenaded June with a chorus of, you guessed it, Happy Birthday!

Look forward to our Happy Hour New Members and Volunteer Appreciation event on Friday, October 23, the Sadie Hawkins Day Afternoon Social on Sunday, November 15 and the STC Christmas Dinner Dance on Saturday, December 12. There could also be a couple of surprise special events that are rumored to be in the works. Join us and enjoy the kind of friendship shared by tennis players who are fortunate enough to live in SaddleBrooke.

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