Spotlight on Level 2

Getting ready to dance (photo by Judy Saks)

Judy Saks

If you are way past being a “novice” and have pretty much mastered our  SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club Level 1 dances, what do you do next? You just might try Level 2, that’s what! The Level 2 programs are held on Sundays in the SaddleBrooke One Vermilion Room from 12:30 to 2:15 p.m. Our website explains that this level has more complex dances that have more restarts, tags, and alternate music. There is only a one-wall walk-through (demonstration) as opposed to the two-wall walk-through of Level 1. A few of the Level 1 dances are also included for variety and fun. Level 2 typically has one new dance introduced each month.

The sponsor for Level 2 is Diana Carbone. Diana and her husband moved to SaddleBrooke from New York in mid-December, 2009. Diana had a long and productive career in education. She taught grades 3 through graduate level and worked with school communities to develop and refine standards-based curriculums in literacy and math for grades K-8. SaddleBrooke is where she began her line dancing “career.” Diana enjoys many other activities. Among them are travel, theater, reading, Mah Jongg, cards, and collecting stained and fused glass. She also dotes on her furry cat friends!

Diana wears many hats in our club. Besides being the Level 2 sponsor, she is also the chairperson of the Dance Committee and Leadership Committee. To say that she is multitalented is an understatement, and the club is indeed fortunate to have her as a member. A million thanks, Diana, for all that you do!

Please check out our website Got questions? Email our vice president Jaci McGeorge at [email protected]. Club dues are just $10 a year. Whatever your “level” of dance experience, there is definitely a place for you in the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club!