Spotlight on Advertiser: When to Buy New Hearing Aids

Barbara McNichol

What factors do you consider when looking into new hearing aids?

Although experts recommend replacing hearing aids every three to five years, no clear-cut rule applies to every user. Consider these three questions to determine if it’s time for you to purchase new hearing aids.

Are your hearing aids working as well as they used to?

If you’ve noticed changes in the function of your hearing aids, it’s time to reach out to your hearing care professional. At your appointment, you’ll work together to determine the cause of any malfunctions. Remember, hearing aids require regular cleaning to get rid of earwax or other debris that’s built up, or they might require repair. This can be done locally or managed through your caregiver.

Are your hearing aids meeting your lifestyle and needs?

Before ditching your hearing aids for the latest technology, first assess if your current hearing aids are meeting your specific needs. Brainstorm your five most important hearing needs. For example, you could say, “Accurately hearing everyone on a phone call or Skype” or “understanding conversations at social events” or “don’t want to change those itty-bitty batteries.”

After identifying your five areas of concern, assess your satisfaction in each one to gain a better feel for answers to this question. If you’re not satisfied in any of your top five priorities, don’t hesitate to explore your options with your hearing care professional.

Is it worthwhile to take advantage of the new technology?

Hearing aid manufacturers are constantly improving their devices and accessories. For example, most of them offer rechargeable hearing aids. Would this feature fit your lifestyle? The same consideration should be taken into account for any new features you’ve been eyeing. Ask, “How would Bluetooth connectivity improve my life?” “How much would I benefit from a more discreet hearing aid?” “Does it matter if I can connect my aids with TV, phone, and GPS?”

Remember, your hearing professional can explain all the new hearing aid features and help you understand their benefits. To determine if it’s time for new hearing aids, call Lifestyle Hearing Solutions today at 520-639-8760. It’s conveniently located at 7225 N. Oracle (near Ina).

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