Spotlight on Advertiser – Art on Tees by Deb+Eve

The founders of Art on Tees by Deb+Eve

The founders of Art on Tees by Deb+Eve

“How would you like to go into business putting my artwork on women’s designer tees?” Eve asked Deb on the phone one morning in February of 2014. Thinking of Eve’s art background and endless energy, Deb replied warily, “You mean buy a silk screen machine and do it ourselves?” She quickly learned Eve only meant that she would create designs and Deb would find a fabulous tee shirt wholesale and together they would find a local printer to put the two together. “We wanted to stay local and have the shirts printed in Tucson to support our local economy,” Deb said. “No faceless internet connection for us!” Thus, the venture of Art on Tees by Deb+Eve began.

Eve Fly known throughout SaddleBrooke as the artist behind Walls of Wonder, a business she owns with her husband Stan, finds the act of creating like falling off a log. Deb Hofmann, also a SaddleBrooke resident, has created unique embroidery on women’s clothing and has been selling it in SaddleBrooke and Tucson for years. With their combined knowledge of art, textiles and sales it seemed a perfect match for a business.

Eve and Deb became friends ten years ago through their dogs, two welsh terriers named Ziva and Higgins. With common interests and both having loads of energy and a drive for more, projects just kept evolving. Deb and Eve have written a children’s book together that Eve illustrated which they are currently shopping at publishers. Getting a book published is a long and tedious process they quickly learned, and as they are both impatient, they began thinking of other ways to channel their boundless energy. That led to the tee shirt idea.

The launch design, a bright and happy sun called Sunny Disposition, (every design has a whimsical name) became available in July 2014 and sales were good right off the bat. The women felt encouraged and inspired by the positive feedback they received, so quickly put six more designs into production and created a website. Word of mouth quickly spread. They have been at the SaddleBrooke Arts and Crafts Shows, Oro Valley Festival of the Arts and plan to expand to other shows in the Phoenix area, but both being SaddleBrooke residents their hearts will always be in SaddleBrooke.

Deb and Eve both are committed to quality. “Unfortunately, tee shirts with fabulous designs on poor quality fabric with shoddy workmanship are everywhere. We want to be a cut above the rest. We want women to wear our shirts for years and love them and come back for more!” Deb and Eve agree. “Our clients are women that know and appreciate quality. As soon as women feel the fabric of our tee they fall in love. It’s cotton with just a touch of spandex. The tee feels wonderful to wear and washes like a dream. No wrinkles, what’s not to love?”

Please visit the Art on Tees by Deb+Eve website at or email them at [email protected].