SPA Players Competed in Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Photo by Tom Frost

Raymond H. Goettsch

On March 31 through April 2, 115 members of the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) played in an intramural tournament for the first time in several years. The tournament was for Women’s Doubles on March 31, Men’s Doubles on April 1, and Mixed Doubles on April 2. The doubles teams competed in a modified round robin format in which each SPA team played each other SPA team in the same class. Medals were awarded to the top three teams in each skill level: Gold (first place), Silver (second place), and Bronze (third place).

Overall, in the Women’s Doubles competition, the medalists were as follows:

2.0/2.5: Lizzi Bayard/Anne Barrett, Gold; Doni Watts/Brenda Browning, Silver; and Mary Ellen Rudee/Susie Loyd, Bronze

3.0: Elaine Taylor/Peggy Downs, Gold; Suzanne Richards/Nancy Maglio, Silver; and Gloria Peterson/Maude Ruffin, Bronze

3.5: Helen Graham/Jen Massara, Gold; Susan Wood/Paulette Bosselman, Silver; and Karen Lien/Gretchen Downey, Bronze

4.0: Cindy McAlbin/Joan Van Matre, Gold; Susan Deskovich/Margie Fey, Silver; and Carolyn Nickum/Gail Montgomery, Bronze

The medalists in the Men’s Double were as follows:

2.0/2.5 Combined with 3.0: Greg Wilkins/Bob Morrison, Gold; Kevin Peck/Bill Snyder, Silver; and Kurt Wallin/Dan Torrell, Bronze

3.5: Rich Reiner/Ed Robertson, Gold; Michael Hovan/Ken Hallmen, Silver; and Shawn Conner/Wendall Olivier, Bronze

4.0: Dirk Anderson/Paul Massara, Gold; Ron Flanders/John Rathjen, Silver; and Sam Alkhoury/Jim Lorenz, Bronze

The Mixed Doubles resulted in the following medalists:

2.0/2.5: Judy Perry/Bob Perry, Gold; Judith Kendall/Mike Maxwell, Silver; and Rebecca Mazujian/John Mazujian, Bronze

3.0: Martha Stakemiller/Mark Stakemiller, Gold; Kandi Connor/Dave Connor, Silver; and Stacy Olson/Kevin Peck, Bronze

3.5: Susan Wood/Michael Hovan, Gold; Helen Graham/Mark Graham, Silver; and Cheryl Simpson/Jay Schweitzer, Bronze

4.0: Jen Massara/Paul Massara, Gold; Terri Anderson/Dirk Anderson, Silver; and Cindy McAlbin/Sam Alkhoury, Bronze

The intramural tournament was organized and managed by Paul Massara on behalf of SPA and the SPA Tournament Committee. Other members of the Tournament Committee volunteered for promotion, preparation, and operations: Michael Hovan, chair; Barbara Mitchell, secretary; Maude Ruffin; Jim Watts; and Gretchen Downey.