Golden Goose Book Store

While purchasing a book from an online service may be quick and easy, if you are a true lover of books and reading, you really should browse the bookstore at the Golden Goose Thrift Shop. Do you realize just how unique the Golden Goose Book Department really is? Whether you are looking for a gently used magazine, something on the bestsellers list, a classic, or a very special first edition, the Goose just might have it! Some memorable sales have been a first edition Curious George and an autographed copy of President Ronald Reagan’s autobiography.

Those who peruse the book shelves know the subjects are wide and varied, from Westerns, art, classics, how-to, coffee-able, nutrition, cookbooks, and on and on! While “rare books” are not unusual at the Goose, it is not just a first edition, an autographed copy, or a very old book that makes a book “valuable.” This quote from Peggy, one of the knowledgeable book staff, really says it all: “Sometimes I just scratch my head when I see what a particular book is selling for. However, I love the research, as it is like a non-ending treasure hunt!”

The next time you are in the Goose, go on your personal treasure hunt and visit the Book Department. We are very confident you will be glad you did!