Sleep Apnea Presentation March 6

Barbara Barr

On Friday, March 6th at 10 a.m. in the Sonoran Room, learn how sleep apnea is a life-threatening nocturnal breathing disorder affecting more than half of us by age 50. Conventional methods to manage it, such as CPAP machines, are effective, but often challenging to use. Alternative therapy using small, retainer-like dental devices can be very effective for many people and may actually be a better choice for most. Learn more about this from one of Arizona’s most experienced dental sleep medicine providers, Dr. J.C. Goodwin, DMD.

Dr. Goodwin is an Arizona dentist delivering sleep apnea management full time with offices in both Oro Valley and Prescott Valley. He has now served more than 2,900 patients. This is truly sleep apnea management the easy way. Dr. J.C. Goodwin is a diplomat on the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Seating will be limited so come early.

Also, this is a reminder (or follow-up) for those who attended Dr. Jim Nicoloi’s WIN presentation on Jan. 3, 202, on “The Science Behind CBD and the Endocannabinoid System:” there is still an opportunity to learn more about Ultracell and Ultra CBG. Now is the time to soothe those aches and pains, alleviate sleep deprivation, quiet anxiety issues, help with health problems, speed up weight gain, and help with just about anything else you might think needs help, including some pets. WIN is all about education, health, quality of life and doing what’s good for body and mind.

WIN leader Patti Gould is able to set up a webinar that is live that can be viewed from the comfort of home. At is live, questions are encouraged. These webinars are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7 p.m. Just call Patti at 808-281-9001 to be added to the list of participants. If there is enough interest, she can also invite Dr. Jim and his wife Sara to hold another presentation near SaddleBrooke.

SaddleBrooke’s interest in wellness has far surpassed the network’s wildest expectations. Members and interested visitors should watch for dates and information on wellness meeting dates and locations in the SaddleBrooke papers and other announcement venues.

The Wellness Integrated Network is open to all SaddleBrooke residents. Come join the community of learners as they find out how to make the golden years even brighter. Watch for details in the papers and other places announcements can be found. Contact Patricia Gould or Barbara Barr at [email protected] or call Barbara at 520-358-1111 or Patti at 808-281-9001 for additional information.