Show Me the Money! The Golden Goose cashiers

The friendly Goose cashiers undergo extensive training.

The friendly Goose cashiers undergo extensive training.

Ron Andrea

Without a doubt, all of the jobs at the Golden Goose are vitally important to the Goose’s success. Perhaps none, however, is more important than the job of the cashiers. Not only are they the conduit for all the money the Goose raises each day for charity, but they are also the face of the Golden Goose. They interact with every single Goose customer. Some of the cashiers have been with the Goose for over ten years and know many of the shoppers by name. Despite standing on their feet for hours at a time, they manage to greet shoppers with a smile and a cheerful word or two. Some are even known to get a hug once in a while.

Think their job is over when the shop closes at 2:00 p.m.? No way; Cashiers are responsible for balancing their drawers at the end of each day (cash register drawers that is). They have to be certain that the cash in their drawers matches the registered sales. If not, its recount and review sales until it does.

Volunteers who want to be cashiers first train with an experienced cashier to learn the intricacies of the job. Before going on their own, they then do the cashing with an experienced cashier by their side. Even after they work on their own, the Day Manager and staff are always nearby for support.

When asked what she likes about being a cashier, Joanne Neumann says she’s a talker and, “I love to meet and talk with our customers. Every day is different.” Joanne related an incident that occurred last winter when a gentleman decided to wear the pants he wanted to purchase. When he came to the cash register from the changing room, the cashier told him she needed to see the sales tag. He promptly took off his new pants, stood in his underdrawers and showed the cashier the tag. There is never a dull day at the Goose!

The Goose is always looking for shoppers, donors and volunteers. For more information, call the Goose at 825-9101, check out our website at and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.