Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

Senior Village exists only because of volunteers

Sandy Morse

Did you ever wonder how Senior Village can provide all those fabulous services you’ve heard about? Just by calling 520-314-1042 and stating what you need sets the wheels in motion and bingo, a friendly volunteer calls you back and coordinates the service you need. Whether it’s driving to an appointment, or to fix that leaky faucet, or maybe you’re a little lonely and just need a visit and some friendly conversation. The Senior Village volunteers are here for you, ready and willing to help. But did you ever wonder who are these amazing people and why are they taking their time to help others?

Well, they are your SaddleBrooke neighbors, seniors just like you, who tirelessly devote hundreds of hours to make sure your needs are met. Currently we have 355 Senior Village members and 175 volunteers—hmmm, if you do the math you’ll soon realize that as our membership grows (and it continues to do so daily), our volunteer numbers must also grow to meet those needs. Just think what would happen if the volunteer numbers didn’t increase but the membership did. Yes, it’s scary but in reality, without our amazing volunteers, there would be no Senior Village.

Suffice it to say—we need you! Yes you, who may be retired but still very active, you who have vast life experiences and skills, you who have the compassion and desire to simply help your neighbor, you who will reap the unbelievable joy from giving to others. Yes, you, who can truly make a difference and gain more from giving than receiving.

Volunteer Jeff Shepard sums it up by saying, “My volunteer experience with Senior Village is fulfilling in so many ways. I am proud to be part of an organization that helps people live their lives at home, with a little help from volunteers. It’s a small thing we do and the results are big for the members we help. If you want a smile on your face and a happy feeling in your heart, I invite you to become a volunteer for Senior Village.”

If we use the philosophy of “paying it forward” any one of us may need a Senior Village volunteer at any moment. Maybe you’d just had knee surgery and can’t drive, or maybe you don’t have the strength to turn that mattress anymore, or gosh, your computer is driving you nuts—enter a Senior Village Volunteer. Whew, thank goodness for Senior Village. Now turn the tables and visualize it’s you helping someone in this kind of situation. Wow, how great is that!

Volunteering is simple: You can register online at; we’ll contact you with orientation information. So please, consider giving of yourself to help your neighbor, after all that’s what makes SaddleBrooke the special place it is! Call us at 520-314-1042 for questions about volunteering or membership. Senior Village is truly neighbors helping neighbors and we want/need you!