Pickleballers take care of their courts

Ken Powers leads a team of wonderful volunteers to keep the pickleball courts ready for the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA)’s 720 plus members. Because they love the sport, these volunteers regularly give of their time and themselves on behalf of the club. Hopefully most are mentioned below and hopefully you’ll decide to join the group.

Every two or three weeks, depending on the weather and time of year, the following volunteers have spent three to four hours washing the courts: Pat Barry, Chris Barb, Jim Haakenson, Dale Lemam; Doug Boklund, Brent and Nancy Carlson, Lloyd Perverell, Jim Lorenze, Frank Mucklo and Randy Olson. For the first time, SPA will begin hiring someone else to provide this service.

Replacing balls (every week, one hour): Mark Karwas, Don and Linda Cornish, and Stan Fly. Flag repair (when needed): Mary Gajeske. Trash and recycle care is also done when needed. Some of the volunteers check every time they come to the courts, others check every one to two weeks and they take the trash and recycling home to place in their trash: Pat Barry, Dennis Reisinger, Sandy Rose, Linda Bailey, Bud Mottice, Barbara Sollenberger, Rick Heine and Kim Ahgrim-Heine. Plants (watered when needed, one hour): Linda Cornish, Shawne Cryderman and Fran Berman. The misters and boulders that provide comfort and beauty were donated by Don and Linda Cornish and installed by Ken Powers. Weeding and spraying (once a month, two hours): Gary and Ann Lang, Jim Haakenson. Water fountain (four hours): Chris Barb and Ken Powers. New screens (six to eight hours): Brent and Nancy Carlson, Stan Fly, JB and others.

Many were involved in the four-hour parking lot clean up pictured here. Please consider being a part of the next clean up planned soon!

Thanks for your help and dedication!