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Widow or widowers may qualify for lower property taxes

Stephanie Thomas

Look at your 2018 Property Tax notice. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the assessed value of your house (ten percent of the value) could allow you a property tax exemption up to $3,965. Many SaddleBrooke residents bought or built their homes years ago and the tax value is often still based on your original cost to build or purchase. This figure can be much lower than what the market price would be today.

The Pinal County Tax Assessor publishes the following guidelines on its website. Senior Village is passing along this information to the SaddleBrooke community as a public service. Our volunteers will also help Village members determine if they might benefit from this exemption. Call Senior Village at 520-314-1042 to request service or more information.

Requirements for Widow or Widower’s Exemption

* Must be a permanent resident of Arizona; must present Arizona Driver’s License or ID.

* Must have resided with their spouse in Arizona at the time of the spouse’s death or, if their spouse died while a resident of another state, then the surviving spouse must have come to Arizona before January 1, 1969.

* Must present the death certificate of the deceased spouse to the Assessor.

* Must not have property value (within the State of Arizona) that exceeds a Net assessed value of $26,969. Net assessed value can be found on your tax notice or Notice of Valuation card.

* Must re-apply every three-year-cycle between first Monday in January through last day of February. If applying during the middle of a cycle, you will be required to file at the beginning of the next cycle.

When and where to apply

* First Monday in January through last day of February.

* First time applicants must apply in person; thereafter it may be done by mail (Notary Public required).

* Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

* Pinal County Assessor’s Office: Building E; 31 N Pinal St. Florence.

* Phone: 520-866-6361.

Documents Required with Applications

1. Copy of Death Certificate (Certified/Original).

2. 2018 Arizona State Income Tax Return.

3. Copy of the prior year’s tax bill or valuation card of all properties in Arizona.

4. License plate numbers for all motor vehicles.

5. Title/Tax bill.

6. Arizona driver’s license or AZ ID.

Are you a fan of new technology?

Stephanie Thomas

Do you enjoy reading technical news? Are you enthused about new advances in technology and how they can be applied to our lives? Senior Village shares your interest in these areas and we are looking to add another member to our Board of Directors who could keep us up to date on these innovations. We believe that technology, especially home automation, could be highly beneficial to our members as Senior Village helps them continue to live independently.

Alexa and Cortana are two examples which offer multiple functions for people with sight impairments who find it difficult to read small print or see clearly. These devices can regulate the temperature in the house, turn lights off and on, connect to phone numbers and even provide a wide selection of music. This is all done by voice command without the need for dialing or using remote controls. Senior Village is interested in making these devices available to members, setting them up and giving instructions on how to use.

If these ideas pique your interest and you would like to contribute your time and ideas to a worthy community cause, please forward a cover letter and resume to Senior Village, PO Box 8584, Tucson, AZ. 85738; Attention: President or send to [email protected].

Technology is an exciting arena and we invite you to join us in exploring how advances in this field can improve the quality of life for Senior Village  members.

Senior Village welcomes two new board members

Stephanie Thomas

The Senior Village Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of two new directors: Ed Drager and Ed Kula. Both applicants have broad experience working with non-profit organizations combined with professional backgrounds in finance and law.

In addition to his career as an attorney, Ed Drager served as president of various boards and councils in Colorado and for the SaddleBrooke Rotary Club. Village member and volunteer, Ed D. has been involved in the growth of membership and services. He understands the need to develop a sustained stream of income to maintain the Village’s financial stability. Ed D. will focus on fundraising, grant writing and donor programs, top priorities for the coming year.

Stepping into the Village treasurer position, Ed Kula shifts gears after having been the treasurer for the SaddleBrooke Health Fair for eight years. Before moving to SaddleBrooke, Ed K. worked in Illinois school districts supervising fiscal affairs and acting as treasurer and business manager.

Ed K. will play a key role in managing diverse investments for the Village to provide necessary ongoing income and will also help create a legacy program for donors who choose to include Senior Village in their estate plans.

With the addition of these two directors, Senior Village is in a better position to fund the future and manage growth. We welcome them to the board and look forward to working together in service to our members and community.