Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

Volunteer Randy Zimmerman helps a Senior Village member stay safe by picking their citrus fruit.

Stay Off Ladders in Your Home!

Diane Demeroutis

Did you know older people are particularly vulnerable to falling from ladders? Although they fell from lower heights, the elderly sustained different and more severe injuries than younger adults.

The University of Arizona Medical Center Trauma Registry studied falls from ladders over a five-year period. Our aging population is particularly vulnerable to sustaining injury from falls of any kind. Falls represent the most common cause of unintentional injury and death for individuals 60 years or older. Injuries from falls of any kind are more frequent in this age group, and increasing age is associated with more injury severity, morbidity, and mortality.

Adults older than 66 had 90% of their falls at home. Injuries sustained because of falls from ladders are preventable. Older people with slower reaction times may not react quickly enough, and impact the ground largely with the torso and head.

Although older patients fell from ladders at lower heights, they sustained more severe injuries, with higher hospital admission rates. The injury pattern changed with increasing age, with younger patients sustaining more hand and forearm fractures and older patients more traumatic brain injuries and truncal injuries. In older individuals, most of the falls happen at home without the occupational safety resources available in the work environment. We all want to be independent and may think a step or two up a ladder can’t hurt, but statistics show it can. Here in SaddleBrooke, you have two great resources to keep you off that ladder and help to keep you healthy.

Senior Village Helping Hands Team: Call 520-314-1042 and leave a message.

* Hang pictures and mirrors

* Replace light bulbs

* Install or repair curtain rods

* Remove fruit from trees

* Store items in shelving

Golder Ranch Fire Department

* Golder Ranch Fire District’s mission is to keep their citizens safe. With fewer home fires in SaddleBrooke, keeping residents off ladders is part of keeping them safe.

* If your smoke alarm is beeping or your batteries need to be changed, call 911 and tell them, “This is a non-emergency call. Could you please send someone to change my smoke alarm batteries?” A unit will be dispatched, and a crew will install new batteries that you provide.

Annual dues for Senior Village are $60 for a single and $96 for a household, which covers 72 services a year. To join the Village, call 520-314-1042.

Hawaiian Hula Group Performs at Beach Bash

Recently, the Hawaiian Hula Group in SaddleBrooke danced for the Senior Village Beach Bash fundraiser. It was well attended and enjoyed by many! For information on joining, call Glenda at 520-818-9525.