Senior Village at SaddleBrooke – Neighbors helping Neighbors

Benefit Concert Was a Hit

The Texas Swing duo of Kristyn Harris and Hailey Sandoz performed recently at a concert fundraiser hosted by The Western Heritage Preservation Club of SaddleBrooke. These award-winning Texas artists sang, fiddled, strummed, and yodeled their way into the hearts of all the attendees. More than $3,200 was raised to benefit Senior Village of SaddleBrooke. Senior Village greatly appreciates SaddleBrooke clubs who demonstrate their support of our work in this manner.

You Decide Where to Direct Your Arizona Tax Dollars

Stephanie Thomas

Yes, taxes are inevitable and, yes, they pinch the pocketbook, but the state of Arizona eases the pain with its charitable giving option. Here’s how it works: State residents may take a credit off their annual Arizona income taxes if they donate to one of the Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCO). Single taxpayers may deduct up to $400 and joint filers up to $800. There is no minimum dollar requirement. Whatever amount you donate, up to the maximum, will be applied as a tax credit.

The Arizona Department of Revenue includes Senior Village at SaddleBrooke as a qualifying non-profit based on the work that the Village does to provide transportation to seniors in our rural area; assist with simple, odd jobs around the house; solve minor technology problems; and offer support during critical life events. Village volunteers drove nearly 40,000 miles and performed more than 900 household tasks last year.

As a Village member recently wrote, “When we think of all the help and kindness we received from your volunteers, we are so grateful. Your help gave us great peace of mind knowing you were there for us—that we could count on you.”

All contributions to Senior Village stay in our SaddleBrooke community. The Village receives no funding from outside sources. It’s a simple process to take advantage of this tax credit opportunity.

Write a check before April 15 and send it to:

Senior Village at SaddleBrooke

P.O. Box 8584

Tucson, AZ 85738

Then, claim your tax credit on your state income tax by attaching forms 321 and 301. The Senior Village identification number to include is 20990. You should consult a tax consultant for all charitable giving decisions.

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona taxpayers do not need to make their charitable contributions before Dec. 31 of a given year. In 2022, the deadline for making a charitable contribution for the 2021 tax year under the Arizona charitable tax credit is April 15, 2022.

Keep in mind that the IRS deadlines are different from Arizona’s state deadlines.

For more information about Senior Village at SaddleBrooke, call 520-314-1042.

Gail Bohlman is just one of our devoted Dispatch team members.

It Takes a Village—Senior Village, That Is

Barbara Barr

Have you heard someone say, “It takes a village”? The phrase actually comes from “It takes a village to raise a child,” which is a Yoruba and Igbo proverb found in many different African languages. It reflects the importance that some African cultures place on family and community. In our SaddleBrooke culture, we have another village. Our village is the Senior Village at SaddleBrooke. While the African proverb refers to the community effort to raise a child, our SaddleBrooke version refers to the community effort that takes care of our community.

With Senior Village at SaddleBrooke, there are so many parts that make the entire operation work. The volunteers work in teams to provide valuable services to our members. If you need a ride to the doctor, you can schedule a ride through the Going My Way team. If you need help changing your furnace filters, you can get a helping hand from the Helping Hands team. If you are lonely, you can request someone to visit, read, or play a card game with you from the Friendly Contact team. These are just a few of the teams that support our village. When it comes to organizing and connecting all these caring volunteers to our members, it takes the dedicated Dispatch team.

Gail Bohlman is just one of our devoted Dispatch team members. When our members call 520-314-1042, they leave their contact information and a detailed description of their needs. It is Gail, or another member of the Dispatch team, who follows up on the message and places the request with the appropriate team. Then services generally take place five or more days following the original request. The Dispatch team is the very core of the organizational system that makes Senior Village work.

While Gail has only been on the job for a short while, she’s been trained by three other dedicated team members who provided her with extensive instruction. Gail has taken copious notes as she’s navigated the policies and procedures to place requests. It takes a lot of work and dedication to place the requests that come into the Senior Village line.

Like others on the Dispatch team, Gail finds great joy in her work. She feels that she has been given a gift and that her work on the Dispatch team allows her to use that gift. The best part is that she gets to use her gift to help others.

“I have been given a gift; the gift of organization,” shared Gail. She then added, “And through my work on the Dispatch team, I get to use my gift to help others.”

Gail also praised the other volunteers with whom she works. She commented, “They are all such generous, able, capable people.”

Yes, it takes a village, and at the core of our village, we have the dedicated Dispatch team to organize our services! If you want to know more about Senior Village, please call 520-314-1042.