Senior Village at SaddleBrooke: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Patricia Fremont-Smith created a legacy to both her sister Phyllis and Senior Village through a publication of Phyllis’ poems.

Patricia Fremont-Smith created a legacy to both her sister Phyllis and Senior Village through a publication of Phyllis’ poems.

Legacy to a Sister and a Legacy Gift to Senior Village

Suzanne Marlatt Stewart

“We were sisters…she was always there, like big sisters are…we knew, always knew, never forgot we were sisters.” This excerpt is taken from a poem written by Phyllis Garten. The book is called A World Made Whole. Patricia Fremont-Smith has compiled her sister’s poems to create this lovely remembrance and, in doing so, also created a legacy that benefits the Neighbors Helping Neighbors mission of Senior Village at SaddleBrooke.

Patricia states: “I realized that I wanted to publish her poems because I saw the depth and promise in them, spoken in rhyme and free verse, that could appeal to and provide support for others. Her poems reflect an odyssey of life, relationships, love of God and nature.”

Phyllis suffered from dementia. On the back cover of the book, Patricia writes the following comment: “May this book be a beacon, encouraging all those dealing with dementia and the many other issues of aging, to accept support from the admirable programs standing ready in most communities.”

Patricia is grateful that Senior Village sees the value of this book. It seemed to her that the choice to make the proceeds from the book a legacy gift to Senior Village was exactly the right choice. Senior Village accepted Patricia’s offer with appreciation and assurances that the legacy funds will be used to provide services to help members continue to live independently in their homes.

This book of poetry is a unique legacy gift, but there are many other ways to create your own personal legacy to Senior Village. If you would like more information on legacy giving in a trust or will or through a life insurance gift, transfer of stocks and bonds, or other charitable options, please contact Senior Village at [email protected] or call 520-314-1042. Donations to Senior Village as a non-profit 501(c)(3) stay within SaddleBrooke. Thank you for your support.

The poem below by Phyllis reflects the Senior Village philosophy of neighbors reaching out to help others in our community. A World Made Whole is available for purchase in the HOA One gift shop and on

Encompassing Love by Phyllis Garten

What is love

An attitude of mind

Why is love

Because tenderness crept in gently

Love is…







and knowing someone and something

else should be, and can be, placed first.

Finding Happiness in These Uncertain Times

Suzanne Marlatt Stewart

In times like these, it is more important than ever to find joy. Happiness may be the last thing on your mind, but right now it is an integral part of your health mentally, physically, and emotionally. As part of our mission of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Senior Village urges you to integrate the happiness strategies below to connect you not only to others but also to your own inner sense of contentment.

Laura Santos, professor of psychology at Yale University, states “Happiness gives us the resilience to get through. We need to focus on happiness more now, not less.”

Think of what is important to you right now. What will bring you joy spiritually, emotionally, and physically?

* Human connections are very important to us in these current times. It’s not the quantity but the quality of our relationships that is important. Take time to connect with loved ones. For me personally, since my daughter lives in another state and we both have more time, we talk daily. We use a free app called DUO. Our relationship has bonded on a much deeper level. We continue to learn more about each other and look forward to our sharing.

* Listen to music to help lift your spirits. Ask Alexis to play your favorite songs. Get up and dance or sing along. This can be a great stress reliever.

* Play games that help keep your mind challenged. My husband and I have an ongoing Mexican Train game. A friend of mine connects with others by playing bridge online.

* Adopt a pet. This helps you focus and puts attention on a loving spirit. We recently adopted a rescue dog and are experiencing profound joy caring for our new family member.

* Take a moment to savor. Watch a sunset, listen to a bird chirp or enjoy a great meal. Stay present in the moment, use all your senses to experience simple pleasures in life.

Every day is precious. Take a deep breath, give yourself a hug. Stay well. Be safe.

If you are interested in connecting with others, Senior Village has volunteers who would love to safely connect with you during these times. Become a member of this community’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To learn about Senior Village, call 520-314-1042 or visit our website at