SBWGA honors new net champion

Anjeanette Brown (left) and Venetia Lewis

Cactus Classic Champion Judy Melo

Ret Convey

Three cheers go to Judy Melo for her resounding over-all victory in our 2018 net championship, the Cactus Classic. Not only did Judy astonish with her three-day net score of 197, but she managed to pull it off from her position in the first flight (aka The Bonker Hedgehogs).

Well done and congratulations, Judy.

Recognition also goes to all the flight winners for their great play:

Jean Molitor rose to victory in the Beaver Tail flight and we congratulate Carol Bidwell for coming in first in the Robust Spine Beehives flight. The Teddy Bear Chollas welcomed Yvonne Lecornu to first place and Bonnie Westra won the Zebra flight.

Co-chairs Ginny Ford and Brenda Brown steered the well-organized tournament and deserve a round of applause not only for their great planning and execution, but also for coming up with the most hilarious flight names ever seen on a leaderboard!

Our championship was sponsored by the team of Dottie May, Margie Nicholson and Kathy Minx of Long Realty. We have certainly seen their real estate signs all over our neighborhood for a very long time and it was fun meeting Dottie and Margie in person at our luncheon. Kathy, of course, is an established member of the SBWGA and in addition to helping us with our real estate needs, she is looking forward to serving as our 2019 treasurer!

We can’t thank Dottie, Margie and Kathy enough for their generous support of the SBWGA.

Luncheon guest Anjeanelle Brown, AWGA’s Information and Outreach Programs Director, explained several exciting changes coming to the game of golf as of January 1. Streamlined operations, a standardized GHIN system and welcome “user-friendly” rule changes promise to simplify the game and make it all the more enjoyable.

Laurel Parrott, our newest member, was introduced at lunch and we look forward to learning all the new rules with her in 2019!

Speaking of 2019, our incoming Board was voted on and approved at our luncheon and was sworn in December 4.

The ladies of the SBWGA are grateful for our good fortune and show our appreciation all year by giving back to our community. This year’s Heart Box money will go to the Emerge Center, a shelter for family members who have suffered domestic abuse and are in need of a safe haven. Please go to for more information on this worthwhile charity.