SBWGA-18 news

Marsha Camp

The January membership meeting included a healthy discussion and subsequent vote on the inclusion of those who play from the Red/Aqua Tees into our Ace Day tournaments. The vote to incorporate payouts for the R/A Tees for Gross and Net winners passed by majority vote. The new model of payments for Ace day did not pass. This model would have retained the Gross winners playing from each tee box. The Net winners would have been flighted by handicap utilizing the 3-5 rule. This would have ensured that all players, regardless of tee, would be playing in a competitive flight with narrow handicap boundaries.

As it now stands, overall Gross can only be won by the players from the Red/Yellow Tees. Overall Net can be won by players from all three tees. Depending on how many sign-up, 24-33% of players from each tee will be paid Gross and Net places.

Our 2018 charity was Emerge, the only shelter for battered/abused women and children in Pima County. Their facility has 51 beds and I’m sorry to say, the beds are always full. Our president was proud to present to the Emerge representative, Lauryn Bianco, a check for $2,521. Lauryn said the money is gratefully accepted for toiletries, toys for the children and possibly rent to assist the families settle on their own.

Participating in Eclectic is not difficult. Just keep your own score card on Ace Day and then put in the lowest scores for each hole on successive Ace Days. Here’s an interesting factoid: Jean Molitor told us there were 65 participants, yet only 25 member entries were received. Yes, by the time you receive this news, you will have missed the first Ace Day. But, if you played, you can get a copy of your card!

Three of our eleven new members attended our January luncheon. While Connie Culley introduced, Angie snapped their pic along with their big sisters. Connie also asked for all members to please consider signing up to be a Big Sister. It’s fun, rewarding and you would be helping a newbie settle in to our exciting Ladies 18 life. Whadayasay? Give it a try.

Mike Roddy and his fantastic team continue to keep our course in great shape. I asked Mike for his thoughts, “As you know, this is a critical time for the rough. Traffic control has been a challenge with the recent wet conditions. I want to thank all of you for your continued cooperation with the golf cart restrictions, including the gate system.” Utilizing the gate system keeps the destruction of the rough to a minimum during its dormant period. So please, even if you go past the exit gate to hit your shot, return and go through the exit gate. This spring you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t forget Sadie Hawkins on February 26. It’s always a great tournament.

Eila Sallabery is in need of carts for the Catalina Cup on March 25.