SBWGA-18 crowns new Club Champion


Marsha Camp
Our Club Championship is the most prestigious tournament of the year. Some of the more serious players actually practice in order to be number one. The rest of us just try to beat our own scores. This year our tournament was reduced to two days, due to rain, and lots of it. Still the cream rose to the top and we had an excellent showing of talent. I will be showcasing the winners in this edition and in the April edition of SaddleBag Notes.
Congratulations to our Club Champion Shawna Ianson who blew away the field with a score of 157. Ann Chatham was our Senior Club Champion winner with a score of 171.
Kudos are also due to Gail Fosmire and Reeny Romie for organizing this great event. It’s a lot of work and you both worked very hard.
Once again, our tournament celebration was hosted by Kay Kunze and Chuck Fries. They opened their home to more than 80 celebrants this year and everyone had an incredibly good time. We’ve managed to pare down the food to an acceptable level, so we are no longer able to feed the firefighters for a week. I’m sure they are disappointed.
At our last meeting, Prez Sherry Fitzpatrick initiated a program that’s long overdue. It’s time to recognize the veterans who have contributed so much to our association. The first honoree is Judy Fick. Judy was membership chair when I joined the association in 1998. Since then she has chaired the handicap committee, Tuesday playdays and not only chaired the Special Tournaments committee, she has assisted with every tournament we have. And, she still wears several hats; she’s a technical advisor for our software, she’s been a member of the Golf Committee for over 12 years (I’d have pulled out my hair long ago) and she’s a promotor of the game to anyone and everyone who will listen.
Judy and Sandra Murray were the first recipients of our newly created Eagle pins. Judy got her Eagle on SaddleBrooke No. 8 and Sandra made a two on Tucson No. 4,
Also, at our March meeting, Lani Baker of AIR MAIL CENTERS was introduced and thanked for her contributions to our association. Check out our new brochure which was printed and donated by AMC. It’s available in the Pro Shop and will be included in new homeowners’ welcome packets.
As promised in last month’s Progress, the answer to our rules question: Amy Olson and Ariya Jutaugarn did not receive a penalty because: the key is intent. Amy told Ariya to leave her ball on the green in order to speed up play. When Amy chipped onto the green and hit Aria’s it was an accident and, therefore, no penalty was incurred.
This just in. BOLO (Be on the Lookout) for a woman posing as Lynn Stewart. Yes, Lynn Stucky, we will catch you and force you to hand over Lynn Stewart’s Break 80 pin.
Until next month.