Lee Leksell adds to the 2019 hole-in-one list

Lee and Denise Leksell with the weapon used to slay the 4th at MountainView.

Jim Donat
Lee was inspired. After witnessing a hole-in-one in his foursome only a couple of weeks ago, Lee added his own name to the 2019 list. It’s a short list so far, but it continues to grow. Lee was golfing with his wife Denise and Denise’s sister and husband on the MountainView golf course. Standing high on the 4th tee box with tees back and the pin forward, Lee had 165 yards to the pin. He hit a great shot that tracked right at the hole. Two bounces later, Lee had another hole-in-one. It’s a great hole because you can see the shot the whole way. And his family got to witness it with him, which just made it that much more enjoyable. Congratulations, Lee and Denise.