SBWGA-18 Club Championship, Walking, and More

(From left) Kathy DeMerritt, Kay McCollom, and Barbara Turriff

(From left) Kathy DeMerritt, Kay McCollom, and Barbara Turriff

Marsha Camp

Way back in February, you may recall, the last day of our Club Championship was bright, sunny, and confusing. Here is another accolade I missed. Congratulations to our red tees, flight 2 Club Championship winner, Kathy DeMerritt. Ace photographer Angie was able to snap a photo of all the flight 2 winners. Second place belongs to Kay McCollom and third place was won by Barbra Turriff. Thank you, Barb, for co-chairing the event as well.

Our assistant pro, Jane Chanik, has come up with a great idea. She is inspiring us to have fun, get some exercise, and walk the golf course. Working with our pro, Troy, Jane set aside a block of Monday tee times for walkers to use. This 9-hole excursion is open to all 18ers and 9ers. If you have not seen the sign-up sheet, look on the ladies 18 board in the computer room. The response from our members has been tremendous. Who knew there were pull carts and carry bags hiding in SaddleBrooke attics? If the enthusiasm continues, you might see some games or mini tournaments added to the mix. The weather is perfect for a walk, so give it a try.

Joan Chyall broke 90 for the first time on April 7. She played the SaddleBrooke and Tucson courses and shot 88. Great play, Joan.

I know y’all are bored, fed-up, and angry with the coronavirus and the way it has disrupted our lives. Some of you, desperate for something to do, are reading my articles before you wrap the garbage in them. I am flattered. It’s a morale booster knowing I have status, just like Typhoid Mary. Of course, you know I’ll do anything to increase my readership. I occasionally stretch the truth a smidge (see last month’s article) and, let’s face it, I make stuff up. But I’m not responsible for the coronavirus. That guilt should be laid at the door of the strange silver shimmering lights on the SaddleBrooke no. 8 tee box.

Now, while I have your attention, I will confess I am starting to display the very same traits that I blame on the Gen Xers. No, I am not living at home with my parents, but I am astonished at how much I take for granted and I believe is my due. Yes, I have turned to the dark side and am part of the “I want it now” generation. How terrible is this? I couldn’t find polenta at the store! And do not get me started about the toilet paper, antiseptic wipes, and my favorite smoked salmon. I’m sure things will get better soon. If they don’t, I will have to move in with Ace investigators, Chunkie and Scruffie.

Coming next month: a remedy for sore feet and lots more.