SaddleBrooke Writers Group Meeting

Writers Group members (left to right): Bill Moody, Patricia Freemont-Smith, Matilda Moore, Diana Sigler, and John Smith (Photo by Stuart Watkins)

Stuart Watkins

The SaddleBrooke Writers Group meets monthly, usually at the MountainView Clubhouse in one of their meeting rooms. That is when members read their poems, prose, short stories, or chapters from books or memoirs under work.

After this monthly meeting, some members gather to offer critiques, suggestions, and ideas to improve the work that is in progress.

Such a meeting was held in October at the home of the president of the club, Patricia Freemont-Smith, with her husband, John Smith, and several poets and writers. Each read the writing they were working on, and those attending made suggestions and discussed the written product with the author.

John Smith submitted a wonderful poem, with him singing the last part to his wife, Patricia, in his wonderful baritone voice.

A poem about ants was submitted, and that reminded the host, Patricia, of a poem about ants that she had written some time earlier. It was amazing that both poets had similar comments and observations about ants and the relationship to humans.

Coffee, water, and cookies added to the event.

A book being written by Stuart Watkins received several suggestions, which were well received. Stuart had revised his book thanks to the comments by those in attendance.

If you are a writer and are thinking about writing your life story or memoirs, why not contact Patricia Freemont-Smith and join our group. Her number is 520-818-1332.