SaddleBrooke TWO Wins the Ryder Cup

Alan Doan

On Nov. 3 and 5 the SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO Men’s Clubs held their annual Ryder Cup competition. This event pits the top 16 golfers from each club in a two-day tournament. Sixteen points were available for each team on each day, for a total of 32 points. Because the MountainView-Preserve Men’s Golf Association (MPMGA) of SaddleBrooke TWO won last year, they needed 16 points over two days to retain the cup. The SaddleBrooke Men’s Golf Association (SMGA) at SaddleBrooke One needed 16.5 points to take it back.

Day one was held at the MountainView course, the home course for the MPMGA. Mother Nature was not golf-friendly that day, as the players battled the elements, as well as each other. Rain was off-and-on all day, as well as a bit of hail. Despite the challenges, the 32 golfers managed to complete the round. After two nine-hole matches, the MPMGA had staked an 11 to 5 lead.

SMGA hosted day two at the SaddleBrooke/Tucson courses, and this time the weather cooperated for a beautiful day of golf. The format featured individual, head-to-head matches worth one point each, with a half point for a tie. The SMGA held their ground at their home course, winning the day 8.5 to 7.5. However, because the MPMGA accumulated 18.5 points over the two days, they brought the trophy back to SaddleBrooke TWO.

Although the MPMGA has won the last six Ryder Cups, the competition has been close over the years, with the MPMGA winning 11 times and SMGA winning eight.

Three players swept their matches to win all three points available: Dan Sollin and Jim Donat from SaddleBrooke TWO, and Mike Turner from SaddleBrooke One.

Afterwards, SaddleBrooke One hosted a luncheon for the teams as the players got to sit around and discuss all their matches and the shots that got away. It was a great and good-natured competition that both communities continue to enjoy. Congratulations to both clubs on a terrific tournament!