Questers Go ‘Off the Wall’

Pictured is Sandi Newberry with two Robert Gilder paintings: California Coast (left) and Floating Clouds Santa Catalina Mountain (right). The two paintings were purchased by Scott Newberry’s grandmother in 1940 when taken from Gilder’s cabin after his death.

Sandi Newberry

The November meeting of the Catalina Timewalkers of Questers was held at the home of Sandi Newberry, with Gail Brown assisting. For the fun and interesting program, each member brought something “off the wall” from their homes. The hostess led the show and tell with two paintings by Dr. Robert Gilder (1856-1940), an Omaha artist who painted many scenes of Nebraska. He also painted desert scenes when visiting his friend, novelist Harold Bell Wright of Tucson, in 1919. The artist/journalist built a log cabin in the Fontenelle Forest, south of Omaha near the Missouri River, in 1917, and did most of his painting there. The cabin was about a mile from Sandi Newberry’s former residence before moving to SaddleBrooke in 2000. Amazingly, her view is now the same as one of her Gilder paintings named Floating Clouds Santa Catalina Mountains.

Members shared their wall treasures of framed needlework to a vintage framed Biblical quote and a mother’s prize of a Robert Louis Stevenson saying. A proud grandmother shared her grandson’s award-winning painting from second grade. Our president Harriet Shemer shared her framed Ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract of her and husband Stuart in 1963.

The oldest treasure was the print of the first official map of California, which was drawn by her ancestral uncle. Also displayed was an ostrich egg from the San People of Nambia. It was carved with a San design used for water storage. Our hearts were touched by a painted gourd given to a member when her 40-year-old parrot died.

Catalina Timewalkers always welcome new members and meet the third Friday of the month, October through May. If you have interest in history, antiques, or collections and preserving and restoring the past, please call Sandi Newberry at 520-818-0199 for more information. Mark your calendars for a special Quester event on March 17, 2023, at MountainView Country Club.