SaddleBrooke TWO Golf Committee News

Matt Kambic, Golf Committee Chair

One of the board approved Golf Committee goals for 2021 is the development and implementation of a Voice of the Customer Program. I want to demonstrate why this program is important and the tangible benefits that it is producing.

When I discuss the Voice of the Customer Program with the Golf Committee, I stress the importance of having our finger on the pulse of the community on matters related to the golf enterprise. If we do this well, we will keep the board, management team, and the Golf Committee synchronized and aligned in meeting issues—read that as call to action!

Briefly, I will share three examples where your voice is making a difference.

Paul and his team put out their cart signs identifying where they wanted us not to travel beyond. They placed signs on the edges and center of the fairway. After several complaints Paul and I had a discussion. We decided to move the signs out of the center of the fairways.

Ball lifters became an issue during this COVID year. We had players who loved them because they didn’t have to touch anything to retrieve their balls. We had players who hated them because of their experience of balls bouncing off the ball lifters. Paul and I had a discussion about this and we now have the cup inserts, so the ball lifters are gone.

At about the same time we rolled out the MountainView Master Plan we introduced a new golf committee email address to receive feedback as part of our Voice of the Customer program. We received many messages from you all regarding the ideas contained in the Master Plan. We also got a lot of complaints about turf conditions. That drove your golf committee to examine our strategies and resourcing related to improving turf conditions. The result is the ongoing conversation we are having with members of the Board and the Management Team to implement a Turf Conditions Improvement Strategy. More to follow!

Here is the point—your voice matters, our collective voice matters. Continue to share your thoughts and concerns with the Golf Committee at [email protected]