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CJ Wright

CJ Wright

CJ Wright never touched a racket until shortly before she moved to SaddleBrooke 10 years ago. CJ (short for Carol Jean) was like so many who are new to our community. She and her husband had to feel their way around the plethora of activities that are offered here. But things began to change about eight years ago.

CJ joined a group of STC women who were forming Wonder Women, an invitational cadre of twenty or so players who discovered that they liked each other, shared a cohesive interest and wanted to have good, healthy fun. They had not felt a particular invitation to play in other circles, so they founded their own tennis group.

Now that tennis group has become a tight knit unit of caring, loyal friends. Tennis has always been the primary bond between them. But the bond of friendship has expanded their activities to include dining out, movies, concerts, hiking and holiday parties. More than once CJ has cooked at Hawaiian Luaus held in her own backyard for the Wonder Women.

Now that SaddleBrooke and STC are more mature, Wonder Women and CJ are more involved than ever with club activities, phenomena that can be attributed to our new emphasis on getting to know each other even better. Individually CJ continues to expand her interests into the political clubs, church work (she is an ordained minister) and a writers’ group, where she has introduced her two novels about a nine-month journey with her husband in their RV.

All of this is well and good even though it hardly scratches the surface. Still, there is more meaning here. A couple of years ago CJ’s husband of twenty-one years died prematurely. At that critical moment of her life, her friends from Wonder Women rose to comfort one of their own. That tragic event and the loving loyalty of her tennis friends underscored that high value STC members place on the lasting relationships that begin on our courts and continue to live in our hearts.

CJ Wright, a woman whose favorite word is “yes,” has proved to be the kind of person we all look forward to meeting at STC.

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Maria Petito

Maria Petito

Jay Clayton Wilson

Maria Petito, the newest member of our coordinator crew, is our kind of tennis player. She never touched a racket until 1999 when she took a six week series of Bob Lewis’ 123 tennis lessons. The members who took lessons with her subsequently formed their own group and have played together ever since – that would be sixteen years! In the same way, our six teaching pros give free and private lessons where we meet new players, improve our games and develop life-long friendships. Maria is proof. Even in this heat she wonders whether the club might be interested in a singles group for OP. That enthusiasm is why she is our kind of tennis player. Maria says, “When an opportunity arose for a new Coordinator, I submitted my application. I knew this would be a great place in which to work. I worked with Kay for a short time and took copious notes! Kay was very patient and explained everything very well. She, Nancy and Jon were always available if I had questions. If a member asked me a question and I didn’t have the answer, I told them I’d find the answer and call them back, which I always did. The members have been very nice to the newbie.” STC is so pleased to have Maria on board. Welcome! Remember to check out the STC Facebook page at: