SaddleBrooke Tennis Club Labor Day 2023 Social

Anne Williams

How many of our friends and acquaintances here in SaddleBrooke do we know on an intimate basis (well, enough to describe where they came from, what they did in their careers, etc.)? The SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (STC) Social Committee had the idea to use the Labor Day 2023 Social Event as a way of “filling in the gaps” by encouraging participants to include something that represents their career in their attire. From conversations at the lunch tables, it appears that we met our goal in starting some of that valuable dialogue, connecting people in new dimensions! There were several shirts, hats, pins, and even a few full-blown outfits. Prizes for the “Best of the Best” went to Eva Langdahl and Valerie Green.

Twenty-four POP tennis players and 48 tennis players were on the courts ready for battle at 9 a.m. and played in the heat/humidity for two hours. Jovial laughter and banter could be heard on every court in SaddleBrooke One and TWO.

After tennis, the players and their guests convened at the Tennis Center patio for a lunch of pulled pork/coleslaw sandwiches and a beautiful array of salads, side dishes, and desserts, donated by participants.

An event of this nature takes “the village” to plan, coordinate, set up, conduct, clean up, and tear down. This event had more than 20 STC members helping.

The SaddleBrooke Tennis Club has several social events every year, plus almost daily court play in both tennis and POP tennis. Check out our website for more information!