SaddleBrooke Tennis Center reopens after renovation

Photo by TJ Duffy.

Jay Clayton Wilson

Over thirty years ago, in 1987, it was the vision of Ed Robson to create a palmary tennis facility in the nascent SaddleBrooke active adult development. Land for this important amenity was chosen near the very center of the community. Construction began almost immediately.

Initially our magnificent tennis facility offered only two courts. SaddleBrooke began to grow. The interest in healthy fitness attracted new homeowners, many of whom wanted to play tennis. More courts were constructed for them. By the early ’90s the number had grown to nineteen.

SaddleBrooke players did more than socialize and form new, life-long friendships. They began to win sanctioned tournaments and the STC membership grew steadily.

But courts, even lighted courts in a beautiful desert community, were not enough to make the dream come true. A dedicated clubhouse was needed.

Ed Robson, an active tennis player, oversaw the selection of a site adjacent to the existing courts. In 1994 construction began and the SaddleBrooke Tennis Clubhouse was born. It has served the community well.

On November 13 of this year the clubhouse was refurbished and brought back to its original glory. Our clubhouse is now designated as the SaddleBrooke Tennis Center. Not only is it the venue of choice for BBQ and parties, it provides a beautiful and expansive Pavilion viewing area from which to watch games being played on eight of our current nineteen courts. It is the focal point of our computer system and our dedicated coordinators who electronically arrange organized play matches and maintain our extensive website. It is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, flat screen TV, microwave oven, hot and cold running water, an ice machine and a shaded patio, all in a perfectly coordinated decor made more remarkable by granite counters and work areas.

SaddleBrooke tennis facilities are favored by local and national organizations that bring fun, entertainment and helpful attention to our community. The University of Arizona men’s and women’s tennis teams play exhibit matches for the residents and, in the process, support our corporate effort with the Skin Cancer Research Fundraisers. Junior tennis players from across the entire nation travel to SaddleBrooke to play in sanctioned tournaments. National sporting goods giants such as Wilson and Head choose our courts to demonstrate their most advanced, high tech rackets.

Our community has always supported an active life style that includes fitness, fun, friendship and the requisite facilities. The HOA boards and tennis committee are constantly reviewing this important activity in order to ensure that SaddleBrooke remains the premier tennis community among active adult communities. We say thank you for a job well done.

Just call the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club office 825-0255 or Membership chair, Connie Kacer 825-7585 to join us in these activities. It’s that easy.