SaddleBrooke Square Dancers want you! Calling all men, especially!

You want to live lively? Then do join our family of friends and laugh, dance, socialize and enjoy living la vida loca, live lively! Try it! If you don’t like it, no problem! But you do deserve the experience of trying and seeing what you may be missing. You don’t know until you try. Trying something new can be frightening, but fun too, especially when others are new to the experience alongside you. There are many wonderful dance clubs to join. Try them all! For my husband and other men, the casual attire, plus moving to music without the stress of needing to have rhythm, balance or complicated steps make square dancing especially suited for non-dancers! You are walking and the caller tells you just what to do! Think how proud your wife will be! And a happy wife makes for a happy life! Singles are welcome.

Sign up for our introductory classes now. Reserve Sunday and Tuesday evenings starting in October from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. for square dancing in the MountainView Ballroom. We have an excellent auditory system for those who may have hearing issues. Soon you will have opportunities for dancing weekly here and around SaddleBrooke. Call Larry and Bonnie at 520-825-2678.