SaddleBrooke Quilters Past President Recognition

Connie Rank-Smith (left) presenting Marlene Thiessen with the finished quilt

Sheri Nockels

Marlene Thiessen was president of SaddleBrooke Quilters in 2005—yes, 18 years ago. She and her husband still reside in SaddleBrooke. While “cleaning out” (as all of us eventually do), they donated her quilt fabric to the same group she was president of in 2005. Little did Marlene know that her donation was more special than she realized.

When a club member was sorting through the donation, she discovered two bags of quilt blocks that were apparently made for Marlene as a gift when she was president of SaddleBrooke Quilters. These blocks were destined to become a special gift for Marlene.

On Nov. 10 the club held its Past Presidents Luncheon and went to all measures to ensure Marlene would be there, enlisting the help of her husband Bob. Much to Marlene’s surprise, she was presented with the completed quilt made from blocks that were made some 18 years ago (some by members who are deceased, and signed by those special friends). Our current president Connie Rank-Smith took the completed blocks and made them into a quilt using colors special to Marlene (blues and purples), used in the star-shaped quilt blocks. The commemorative quilt has a label that honors Marlene and bears the date of her leadership, her SaddleBrooke Quilters past president recognition, and the date it was proudly presented to her. Thank you, Marlene!