SaddleBrooke POP Tennis Social

Barry Emmons (left) and Hal Davis (right) at the food table (photo by Greg Hlushko)

Stuart Watkins

POP tennis players from SaddleBrooke and Heritage Highlands at Dove Mountain met to have a friendly competition with snacks and drinks afterward. There were no scores kept as to which club had more winners, but everyone seemed to enjoy the matches and social gathering when the matches were over. Pam Wakefield kept the players supplied with water as needed, set up the snack and food tables, and could be seen scurrying hither and yon keeping everyone happy. Roe Callahan kept the players rotating after each set in order to have players from both teams meet each other and experience players with different skill levels. This system gave everyone a chance to meet and greet each other and enjoy the afternoon. Plans are in the works for more social POP tennis gatherings in the future.