SaddleBrooke Photographer of the Month – Mark Guinn

Barbara Wilder and Mark Guinn

Most of us have moved here from some other state, so it was like going home to see Mark’s slideshow at the December general meeting of the SaddleBrooke Photography Club, titled: “Travels to the Midwest.” He started with the concept of finding colored leaves as he left Rapid City, South Dakota to return the long way home to SaddleBrooke, by way of Wisconsin, upper Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, etc.,and finally to Arizona. He covered about 6,000 miles in three weeks.

His goal was also to find lighthouses, covered bridges, and waterfalls, along with autumn landscapes, usually in state parks where he would camp out most evenings. A motel with a shower was a treat about every third night. He said that it usually rained when he camped out, and then was clear on the nights he planned to stay indoors. As he left South Dakota in October, it was snowing and then rained on the warmer days. Despite the weather, he got some colorful fall color in the forests, dramatic scenes of the Great Lakes with lighthouses, and very nice close-ups of richly colored leaves. He even brought his crystal ball with him to photograph the reflections in it from the scenes he found on his travels

“Having just recently retired from over 35 years at a major retailer, I am now enjoying my free time. I have lived in many cities across the West and I am splitting my stays between Rapid City, S.D. and Tucson. You can guess where I am in July. Playing golf and taking pictures are my two favorite things to do. Photographing nature, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes has me traveling far and wide. Pushing the envelope of my creativity in capturing the light, has my mind thinking of clever ways to see the world.“

Mark is known in the Photography Club for his creative photography. Lately he has shown some interesting close-ups of the inside of the computer, with a very tiny Mark Guinn fixing the computer with a hammer. Knowing Photoshop helps him make these composites easily. He has volunteered to lead the Creative Special Interest Group which meets every month on the second Wednesday evening at 7 p.m., in the Agate Room at HOA2. The next subject in January is “Multiple Exposures using a strobe flash.” We’re looking forward to learning new techniques from him with our cameras.

The SaddleBrooke Photography Club has their General meeting every third Friday from 3-5 p.m. In the Sonoran Room at MountainView, HOA2. Guests are welcome. We also have Open Studio Time every Wednesday and Friday morning from 9-12 noon, in the Agate Room in the Arts and Crafts Complex at HOA2. This is where we can view member’s pictures, watch an instructional video, or get answers about equipment or techniques from the many mentors in the Club.