SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Penny and Tutter await a new home.

Penny and Tutter await a new home.

Will you give Charlie a second chance at love?

Will you give Charlie a second chance at love?

The Power of US gala, on a non-day at a non-time, has no $100 tickets, $50 bar tab or $100 new outfit. Stay home, relax and send 100% of your donation to animal rescue. If each SaddleBrooke animal lover gave $10 we would make a huge impact in Tucson rescue—that’s the Power of Us!

The Non-Event supports abused and abandoned horses, reptiles, wildlife, dogs and cats. Together we raise support but you choose the rescue group(s). The SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network will reserve $10 gifts for SaddleBrooke strays, re-homing and local rescue emergencies. The Network was called on four strays and three rehomes this past month. We can’t provide the service without help. Participating Rescues are Pima Paws for Life, Pawsitively Cats, Equine Voices, Tucson Reptile and Turtle and Tucson Wildlife and Bird.

The fundraiser is almost over; please don’t delay your support. Donate at; click Join/Donate or send checks to SB Pet Rescue, E Summers, 39459 S. Moodwood Drive SaddleBrooke. Include your email and rescue name(s) on the check. For information visit Donations are not tax deductible.

We close our eyes at Humane Society commercials but please don’t close your eyes to the need. Tear out this article as a reminder to donate any amount!

If not us, who? If not now, when? Come on SaddleBrooke, let’s do something!

Here’s just one of over 5000 animals within a 100 miles of SaddleBrooke who needs a family. Charlie is four years old, healthy, happy and loving. He adores kids. Will you give Charlie a second chance at love? Contact Leslie at 724-689-9843 or [email protected].

Leslie Rocco

Opposites do attract! Penny is a sweet, friendly but shy nine-year-old, 12 pound terrier mix. She loves to curl up in a warm lap and to be doted on. Tutter is a happy-go-lucky, friendly eight-year-old, 20 pound terrier mix. He is smart, eager to please and enjoys snoozing at your feet. They are a quiet and loving pair who will make their people very happy. They’re obedient with excellent house manners like other dogs and enjoy leisurely walks. They came to the shelter when their elderly owner couldn’t care for them. You can meet these cuties in SaddleBrooke!

To meet these or other dogs and cats, contact Leslie at [email protected] or 724-689-9843,

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