Spotlight on Advertiser: Blaze – A Flavor Inferno

John Guerrero

Cattleman’s Cafe 2 in Oro Valley has been renamed Blaze – A Flavor Inferno and with the name change brings two vivacious new owners, new flavors and excellent home-style meals—with a flair! Before you enter the restaurant, the magnificent smell of char-broiled goodness entices your senses and prepares you for a delicious encounter.

“You can get a hamburger or breakfast anywhere on Oracle Road, so we want to make the dining experience at Blaze tastier,” said Blaze owner John Guerrero. “The menu at Cattleman’s Cafe 2 was a great building block for us to begin creating our own menu but my son, Gabriel Guerrero and I, began experimenting and adding to the already successful breakfast and lunch menu.” Experiment they have and new flavors are blazing through the town of Oro Valley.

Adding a few signature omelets to the breakfast menu was only the beginning of the vibrant food creation. A French Toast Burger now graces the menu. Imagine a 1/3 pound hamburger, grilled to your specifications, then a generous portion of peanut butter is added to the top of the burger and grilled onto it. Add a slice of American cheese, two strips of applewood bacon and a fried egg on top. And the bun? Who needs a bun when you have two pieces of either cinnamon/raisin or regular French toast to cover this delightful monstrosity.

In addition to the new menu items, Blaze is also about fresh ingredients. “We try to only use fresh ingredients when possible,” says Blaze owner Amanda Guerrero. Frozen French fries no more at Blaze! The deep fried mushrooms are batter dipped at the time of preparation and the sweet potato fries are cut fresh daily. Amanda says, “We want to offer the freshest options, just like eating at home.”

Hand-mixed and pressed burgers are one of the favorites on the menu, the breakfast is always a winner and the steaks are grilled to perfection, but the newest item is the WHATcho. A WHATcho is a whatever nacho and simply replaces the ever popular tortilla chip with potato options. Choose from fresh cut fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots or home fries as your base and then let the culinary geniuses in the back prepare a flavor explosion—a flavor inferno, if you will.

Blaze – A Flavor Inferno is owned and operated by the Guerrero family and on any given day John, Amanda, Gabe or Alex will be at the restaurant working on bringing you fresh and flavorful meals. John says, “Both Amanda and I were teaching mathematics last year, but our love of food lured us away from public education. We wanted to share our creations with the world and work together as a family.” Whether you come to the fish fry on Friday nights or pop in to grab breakfast or a burger, Blaze will fix your hunger pains and make you feel at home.

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