Saddlebrooke Neurological Support Group: Caregiver’s to Do List

Esta Goldstein

Well it’s been many months of being closed up in our homes and for those taking care of their loved ones who are suffering from the various neurological disorders, such as MS, dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc., this can mean being in a very depressed state. It’s time to start caring for yourself. You may find yourself with a long “to do” list of tasks to complete; however, now you have to protect yourself from great physical and emotional instability which would make you unable to take care of your loved one. Below are some “to dos” that you may want to place on your list:

1. Breathe

2. Drink lots of water

3. Nourish your body

4. Sleep

5. Move your body

6. Laugh

7. Write in a journal

8. Meditate and/or visualize

9. Give yourself some credit

Take a break; get some time away from the person you are caring for. Find a friend, relative, someone, who will come over to be with your loved one, so you can just get away. Take a long walk, visit with friends, even do that shopping casually at your favorite supermarket and have lunch with a friend. Take a break!

Please feel free to reach out for help or just to talk. Reach Esta Goldstein at 520-825-1181 or [email protected] or Marilyn Sellers at 520-818-0965 or [email protected]