SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters Third Quarter Awards Breakfast

Jeff Shields giving investment strategy

Scott Baker

On Nov. 9 the SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters held its quarterly awards breakfast at the Agave Restaurant in SaddleBrooke One. More than 50 members were in attendance for the breakfast and award presentations. The following awards were presented:

Average Gross Score: 1st Roger Shamburg, 2nd Tom Virant, 3rd Dan Cavanagh. Monetary awards were presented by our sponsor, Jeff Shields of Charles Schwab.

Average Net Score: 1st Mark Gwyther, 2nd Steve Pomeroy, 3rd Hal Davis. Monetary awards were presented by our sponsor, Tim Wilcox of Sonoran Investment Management.

Most Improved: 1st Kelly Patterson, 2nd Steve Johnson, 3rd Curt Abbott and Tony Seales

Following the presentations, the Nominating Committee presented the slate of officers and assistants, which was voted on and approved by the members. The biggest changes were Scott Baker as the new president and Mark Denholm as the new vice president. A big thank you to our outgoing president Dave Rutkowski for his six years of dedicated service.

Following the installation of our new board of directors, our two sponsors, Jeff Shields and Tim Wilcox, gave talks on investment strategy in this unsettled economy.

The SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters invites all men to practice their putting once a week during a congenial competition with other guys. Putt every Thursday morning (10 a.m. winter, 9 a.m. summer) on the main SaddleBrooke putting green. We putt 18 holes with par 36 and use handicaps to even out the random teams competing for prizes ($3, $2, $1) and have individual gross and net prizes ($5, $3, $1). Pay $1 to putt each week with a $20 membership fee. Try it by putting as a guest for free. Just show up Thursday morning about 20 minutes early.