Questers Catalina Timewalkers

Alice Dahl and Harriet Shemer

Mary (Twink) Gates, Publicity

It was Nov. 17 when 14 members of the Questers Catalina Timewalkers met at the home of Alice Dahl for their November business meeting. The cohost for the day was Debbie Muise.

Following the business meeting, the program of the day showed interesting and informative presentations on the history of world-renowned pottery. Harriet Shemer presented Mata Ortiz pottery, which is named after the modern town of Mata Ortiz located in the Mexican State of Chihuahua. The prehistoric pottery tradition had been completely lost since 1960. Juan Quezada is credited for the revival and development of the pottery. Alice Dahl presented Dryden Pottery. Dryden Pottery was founded in Kansas by A. James Dryden who relocated his business to Hot Springs (Garland County) in 1956. Dryden Pottery has become collectible and has been listed in Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide for many years. Everyone watched a wonderful video, filmed and narrated by a present-day third-generation potter in his studio and store, showcasing Dryden Pottery.

A delicious, light breakfast was served while members toured Alice’s home, viewing the abundant pieces of Dryden Pottery on display throughout Alice’s delightful home. Everyone thanked Alice and Debbie for hosting this very interesting, informative, and fun morning.

Questers is a nonprofit, international organization.

Mission of Questers: To keep history alive through restoration, preservation, and education.

The Purpose of the Questers: Shall be to educate its members and the public with the respect of places, objects, or events of historical significance; to support education in the fields of historic preservation and restoration. “We make history.”

Questers Catalina Timewalkers now has 18 members. For membership information, contact Kipi Martin at [email protected].