SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters Second Quarter Awards

Jim Becker receiving his first-place prize for Low Gross

Manny Conti (right) receiving his first-place prize for Most Improved from Club Treasurer Roger Shamburg

Scott Baker

The SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters gave out the second quarter prizes on July 20. Tim Wilcox of Sonora Investment Management, one of our sponsors, was present to hand out the top prizes for Average Gross and Average Net awards. Roger Shamburg, club treasurer, handed out the Most Improved awards. The following men won prizes:

Second Quarter Winners

Average Gross Score

1st: Jim Becker, Average = 37.4, Gross Score = (37.67)

2nd: Dave Gartner, Average = 37.4, Gross Score = (37.83)

3rd: Gio Fiorino, Average = 37.6

Net Score Winners

1st: Bruce Stead, Rounds = 10, Change = 0.00, Net Score = 36.00

2nd: Steve Johnson, Rounds = 8, Change = 0.13, Net Score = 36.13

3rd: Rick Murray, Rounds = 7, Change = 0.14, Net Score = 36.14

Most Improved Strokes Since Last Quarter

1st: Manny Conti, Strokes = 5.2

2nd: Joe Leone, Strokes = 4.8

3rd: Scott Baker, Strokes = 4.4 (10 rounds)