SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters news

John Martin

Every Thursday, weather permitting, the SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters meet at the SaddleBrooke Putting Green for a challenging hour or two of putting an 18 hole course that is set up by the Tournament Director. To make the morning more interesting there are monetary prizes on the block for the members who either get lucky or are the most skillful.

Money Hole

Each week one hole is designated as the Money Hole. If a putter scores a hole-in-one they can win. There are three prizes: $5, $3 and $1. If only one person gets a hole-in-one, they receive the $5. Should multiple putters score a hole-in-one, there will be a putt-off starting at the Money Hole. If there are ties for low score during the putt-off the members move to the next hole until a first, second and third place winner is determined. The least money that will be paid out is for third place. If no one scores a hole-in-one the prize money rolls over to the next week and the prizes become $10, $6 and $2. Once in the past the Money Hole got to $45 for first place.


Each week depending on past scores a handicap is calculated for each member of the Men’s Putters. They are posted on the website.

Low Gross

The member who has the low gross score is awarded a prize of $5. All persons who have the same score also receive the same prize money.

Low Net

A member who has the low net score which includes the handicap also receives a prize of $5. Members who equal his score also receive the same prize.


A member who has four holes-in-one, aces, will be awarded $2 for each ace. Additional aces will increase the award at $2 per ace.

Team Winners

As players register and pay the $1 toward the prizes, they are assigned to the hole where they will start. All the members who start on that hole make up a team. The team with the lowest net score wins $3. Second place gets $2 and third place is awarded $1. If two or more teams have the same scores, all of the teams get the same prize money.

Beat the Member

Each month a mystery member is chosen and all players who pay an additional dollar are entered in a competition with that person. If they get a lower net score than he has, they split the pot. The lowest award is $2.

All men are welcome to join the SaddleBrooke Men’s Putters. We currently meet Wednesday morning on the SaddleBrooke Putting Green. Practice starts at 8:30 a.m. and tournament play begins at 9:00 a.m. The dues are $15 per year. During the year we have special putting events. Come and join us.