Mars vs. Venus Tournament

Bob Edelblut

The second annual Mars vs. Venus Tournament was played at the Preserve Golf Club on May 5 and 7. The M-PWGA was this year’s coordinator and as such they made the choices of games to be played. Challenging is a nice way to describe them all. Thirty-eight two person teams or seventy-six players competed in four different nine hole match play events over the two days. One format was a scramble, another a single best ball net, the third an alternate shot and the last a two net best ball. Points were awarded for each hole won or halved by a team in every match. The maximum point value for a match was 10 and for the entire tournament was 760. Over the four matches the best men’s score was the team of Rennie Temple and David Cohen who earned 29 points out of a possible 40. The best women’s score was the team of Aleta Rosenthal and Donna Barnard who earned 22.5 points in their matches. Congratulations to both teams for jobs well done!

After completion of play all contestants gathered at the ballroom at MountainView for both a special luncheon planned by the M-PWGA and provided by the Food and Beverage staff of HOA2 and to learn, once the results were audited, who won this year’s event. And the winner is—the Men’s Golf Association. Kate Pope, president of the M-PWGA, presented to Dennis Marchand, president of the M-PMGA, the winner’s trophy, the glass full of marbles. Prizes were also awarded to the members of the winning team and to the men and women who won the closest-to-the-pin competitions. Kate, once again let us thank you, all your committee members and your primary sponsor American Family Insurance for making this event perfect. Thanks.