SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club: Level 1 Program

Getting ready to move (photo by Kaye Caulkins)

Judy Saks

The SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club’s (SBLDC) Level 1 program is held Wednesday mornings from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the MountainView ballroom and typically has the largest attendance of all our sessions. Level 1 uses dances that have been learned in the novice and novice+ workshops. The program is repeated for two weeks with a two-wall “walk through” (demonstration) for each dance. One new dance is usually introduced every other month. Level 1 dances may have alternate songs and/or possible events. So what does this mean?

Dances are typically choreographed for a specific song (the “signature” song). But the talented folks on our Music and Dance Committees try to find other (“alternate”) songs that fit our dances. This provides lots of variety and helps to keep boredom from setting in. Sometimes the signature and/or alternate songs may have “events,” such as “re-starts” and “tags.” If there are such events in a song, they are explained by the walk-through leader each and every time the dance is done. So, these things aren’t as scary as they might seem at first.

The program coordinator for the Level 1 program sessions is Linda Weiss. In 1986 Linda, along with her husband and two young daughters, moved from Iowa to Tucson. They retired to SaddleBrooke in 2011. Before retirement, Linda taught elementary school for 36 years in various states. She began line dancing when she moved here, finding it a fun way to get involved with the community. Linda does walk-throughs for dances, teaches new dances, and also serves on the SBLDC’s Music Committee—a multitalented club member, for sure! When not involved with club activities, Linda enjoys home improvement projects, puzzles, shopping, walking, and watching classic movies.

Please check out our website Got questions? Please email our vice president Jaci McGeorge at [email protected]. Club dues are just $10 per year. We love to dance. Why not come join the fun?!