Helping San Manuel Classrooms Lock Down

Lockdown supplies

Lockdown kit

Barbara Barr Bengen

What does a school do to prepare classrooms for lockdowns? And what does a school do when there is no budget for lockdowns? The school turns to Rotary, the world’s largest volunteer organization. And local schools turn to the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke, because they know the helping hands at Rotary will make things happen.

If you look at the lockdown kits, you’ll see all of the necessary items needed to get a classroom through a lockdown. Each classroom will receive a lockdown kit, assembled by Rotarians Liese Razzeto, Leslie Hawkins, and Bre Zientarski.

This is just one of many local projects for the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke. In addition to our volunteer work with IMPACT of Southern Arizona, we also volunteer for the Tri-Community Food Bank, Oracle Schools, San Manuel Schools, Coronado School, Copper Corridor Little League, the Oracle Community Center, the Towns of Oracle and San Manuel, and so much more. Whether our volunteers like to pack food, cook food, spend time with kids, help communities revitalize, deliver to shut-ins, or clean up local parks and roadways, there is volunteer work for just about every interest. Of course, that’s what Rotary is all about: gathering with good friends to make a difference both locally and globally.

To tell you more about the Rotary story, Rotary was the world’s first service organization. Today, Rotary has grown to be the world’s largest volunteer organization. Rotarians can be found in more countries than the Red Cross, Starbucks, or even McDonald’s.

The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is not only an award-winning organization devoted to making a difference locally and globally, it is also a club that enjoys coming together for lunch and lifelong learning. We currently meet weekly at the Ranch House Brewery and Grill with programs in the ballroom at SaddleBrooke Ranch. Plus, we enjoy getting together regularly for social events and service projects. We have fun working together with our friends to make a difference.

The Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke is open to anyone who is living or working in SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle, Catalina, Oro Valley, and all surrounding communities. For more information, contact Wendy Guyton at 520-404-5712 or [email protected].