SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club


SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club enjoys their Chit Chat and Chow.

Chit Chat and Chow – What?

Sue Robisch

There is one thing the girls in the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club like to do almost as much as dance and that is getting together to eat and talk. What better way to describe this activity than Chit Chat and Chow.

Several times a year we gather at one of our favorite restaurants. The most recent gathering was at Café Torino in Oro Valley. This restaurant offers the best in Italian cuisine. Getting together like this gives the girls a chance to know one another off the dance floor. This venue is just one of several social functions we have, with or without dance. If you enjoy dancing and meeting new people you just might want to join us on or off the dance floor. Learn more about us at or contact Dorothy Wood at [email protected]. Annual membership fee  is only $10.