Hummingbirds are welcomed residents at SaddleBrooke


Picture by Bernie Nagy

Bernie Nagy

With the arrival of spring and flowers and cacti in full bloom, many species of wildlife including birds are visiting our yards and neighborhoods in SaddleBrooke. After all, this area has always been part of their natural habitat in the Sonoran Desert; we’ve just built in their surroundings.

SaddleBrooke residents Theresa and Pete Ashton were totally surprised at the beginning of April when one hummingbird built a tiny, soft, feathery nest in a large Mexican Bird of Paradise bush right in their courtyard.

“We so enjoyed watching the process of new life day by day from our den window. First were two minuscule eggs that the female hummingbird patiently incubated. When the eggs hatched, the mother flew back and forth to bring food. The little baby birds grew up quickly as they were frequently fed by their busy mother,” said Theresa.

When the Nagy’s visited Theresa and Pete in the first week of May, they took some close-up pictures from the two babies that had grown up so much, they barely fit anymore in their cozy home. The pair have even considered booking a bird watching tour for their next holiday because they have found this experience endearing and magnificent.

“It was quite a challenge to get close pictures through the twigs and leaves with my zoom lens but the photos were rewarding,” said Linda Nagy. The whole experience made me realize just how precious our wildlife is and how animals show compassion and love for one another, just like us humans. The very next day after the photos were taken, God’s wondrous little creatures took off and flew away seeking a new life on their own; hopefully in our SaddleBrooke neighborhood.