SaddleBrooke Gift Shop: “Tis the Month of December…”

Linda Whitehead

‘Tis the month of December (how’d it get here so fast?)

And SaddleBrooke is readying for the holiday blast.

The year 2020 was less than a delight

So, the season ahead we all hope will be bright.

Santa wanted an outpost in our desert land

And the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop fitted his plan.

So where should one go to browse and be swift?

Santa’s SaddleBrooke workshop has just the right gift.

Our talented “elves” have been toiling away

Crafting new items now on display.

The potters have “potted” and the writers have “writ”

And their efforts, as usual, will be a big hit.

Photographers and painters were instructed by Claus

And the fruits of their labors deserve our applause.

The jewelers made magic with metals and stones

Creating adornments in multiple tones.

Our woodworkers carved out whimsical pieces

To please everyone, even nephews and nieces.

Our stitchers and knitters have been busy as bees

And their fine needlecraft surely will please.

Gifted artists abound in SaddleBrooke

And we invite you to come in and take a long look.

Unique and handmade; no assembly line here

The craftsmen and women deserve a big cheer.

They have worked very hard “good vibes” to convey

So, benefit by their efforts on this holiday.

Imagine “elf” artists and craftsmen of every kind

All busy creating designs in their mind.

The Gift Shop is proud to be the presenter

Of their brilliant ideas at our little center.

There’re canes for your hiking and mirrors for gazing

Plants needing no water and jewelry amazing.

Lots of puzzles and games and books to be reading

Greeting cards of all genres whatever you’re needing

Southwestern photos and cool things to wear

Hand painted silk scarves or ones crocheted with care

You’ll find gifts for everyone when you walk through our door

So, let the shopping begin; come visit our store!

The Gift Shop is located in SaddleBrooke One near the clubhouse and next door to the fitness center. So please stop by this holiday season and browse our wares while visiting with your SaddleBrooke resident artisans. The Gift Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.