SaddleBrooke Gift Shop featured artist for October – Kris Holmes

Kris Holmes with some of her cards.

Russell C. Stokes

Kris is fondly and widely known throughout SaddleBrooke’s artisan community as a talented artist, creator, mentor, participant, student, teacher and special friend. Kris Holmes is the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop’s Featured Artist for October.

This October is also a milestone for Kris as she is proudly celebrating her 25th anniversary as a talented member of the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop team. Kris has been key to the Gift Shop’s successful development and growth.

Kris Holmes was raised in the small town of Decorah, Iowa with a population under 8,000. Kris said she is “very grateful” for her Midwest upbringing. “Decorah is a tight-knit community where everybody knows everybody and they help and support each other. Local business people know your name. Smaller student body numbers allow students to develop lifelong friendships and participate in any activity or sport they choose.”

Following college, Kris moved to California where she was employed by United Airlines as a flight attendant. After retiring in 1992, Kris and her husband John moved to SaddleBrooke. As they drove into our community for the first time, Kris and John “fell in love with SaddleBrooke immediately.” Kris said, “We knew we wanted to settle in Arizona.” Kris and John visited Arizona’s diverse areas during vacations. “I can’t think of a better place for us to enjoy our retirement years.”

Kris’s interest in paper crafting began shortly after she relocated to SaddleBrooke. She has attended numerous craft classes since moving here. Kris chose ceramics and paper crafting as her favorites. Kris said she finds “being creative very relaxing and rewarding.” She converted her home’s guest bedroom into her special craft room.

Kris Holmes joined the SaddleBrooke Gift shop in October 1993. Then the Gift Shop had few members. “It was only open three days a week.” Kris has filled numerous volunteer Gift Shop positions over the years including assistant manager, accounting and scheduling. Kris has also served on the shop’s elected Board of Directors.

Kris sells original handcrafted greeting cards at the Gift Shop. Her assortment of cards include birthday, sympathy and thank you, as well as others.

When asked about what thoughts she wants to share, Kris said, “The Gift Shop is a wonderful asset to our community.” Talking with people as they come into the Gift Shop is what she enjoys most. Also, “a number of Gift Shop Artists have become good friends.”

The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop opened in 1986 as the SaddleBrooke Artist Gallery. The Gift Shop is staffed alternately by 38 artists who volunteer their time to help ensure the shop’s success. When looking for handcrafted gifts, clothing, books, jewelry, art work, games or greeting cards please stop by and visit Kris and your resident artisans. The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is located in SaddleBrooke One, near the clubhouse and next door to the fitness center. The SaddleBrooke Gift shop is currently open seven days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.