SaddleBrooke Flora Placards

Stuart and Jeanette Watkins

Jeanette told me of seeing a Mexico Petunia by the entrance to SaddleBrooke One clubhouse. She then started naming some of the other plants that have identification placards beside them. Interested, I went and took pictures of the many identified plants and wanted to know who put the placards there for the benefit of all SaddleBrookers.

It turns out the SaddleBrooke One Safety and Recreation Committee gets the credit. Paul Rush was one of the committee members suggesting the idea, and Master Gardner Debbie Muise added her expertise. The SaddleBrooke One grounds crew placed about 30 signs around and about the clubhouse and 10 signs at the top of Howland’s Highway.

Barbara Starrett, M.D., is chair of the Safety and Recreation Committee; Howard Cohen, M.D., is the future chair; and Roland Darimont, Garrett Ressing, and Paul Rush are active members. The committee is assisted by board member Don Arritola, General Manager Vivian Timian, a SaddleBrooke Patrol member, and a fitness representative.

The committee’s activities involve recommendations to the board regarding apparent safety issues, recreational improvements, receiving suggestions from residents, and such matters as Neighborhood Watch. The committee has recommended a parcourse (outdoor equipment and apparatuses in a walking environment). They also make recommendations of upgrades to our Fitness Center.

This article cannot reproduce all of my photos. If anyone wants to download my pictures, I can be contacted at [email protected]. Better yet, drive over to the SaddleBrooke One clubhouse and walk around and enjoy the beauty as you identify the Mexican Petunia, Trailing Lantana, Variegated pittosporum, Little John Bottleneck, Barrell Cactus, Sago Palm, Ocotillo, Heritage Live Oak, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Heavenly Bamboo, and Desert Spoon. There are probably some I missed, but bring your camera and take your own photos.

The placards will help you learn names of some of the beautiful flora here in SaddleBrooke.