SaddleBrooke EZ Riders Spin Club in the Saddle Again

Left to right: Ruthie Klomp, Cheryl Munday, Pat Floyd, and Elma von Michaelis

Pat Floyd

After weathering difficult circumstances and elements, the SaddleBrooke EZ Riders Spin Club has returned to the Paloma Room in the DesertView Fitness Complex in full force and with enthusiasm. There are 10 scheduled sessions a week, which are led by 13 certified leaders.

Annual dues are $45 per person, which entitles you to register for at least two sessions per week. For more information and an application to join us, contact Joan Benson at [email protected] or 614-638-4138.

EZ Riders Spin Club is fun, provides a great method to increase your cardio fitness level, and is a way to meet new friends. Come join us!