SaddleBrooke Computer Club: New classes added this summer

Classes are smaller in the summer months.

Classes are smaller in the summer months.

Richard Beaty

New Classes Added for Summer

Good news. For all of you who remain in SaddleBrooke during the summer, the SaddleBrooke Computer Club has added several new classes just for you.

The following classes are currently available for enrollment:

Set up your new PC: Two sessions. Learn how to set up a new computer and transfer your data from your old computer yourself potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

Meet windows 8.1: Six sessions. This class is intended for students with experience using a previous version of Microsoft Windows on a regular basis; this is not a class for beginners. Use our classroom PCs or bring your own laptop running Windows 8.1.

Best free software: Two sessions. We will describe a selection of the best free software packages, the safest places to find them, how to obtain and install them and some of the common hazards to avoid.

Google chrome: One session. The web browser is arguably the most important piece of software on your computer. You spend much of your time online inside a browser. Learn how to set up and use the world’s most popular browser, Google Chrome.

Firefox: One session. Firefox is a user friendly internet browser hosting lots of features and a top notch security system. We will show you the basics and discuss some of the many useful options.

EZ Mac: Six sessions. This class is for the beginning Mac user with hands-on lessons on various operations, system configuration and software. The classroom is equipped with eight Mac computers for your use or you can bring your own laptop.

ProShow Gold: Three sessions. Use ProShow Gold to easily create stunning slide shows for friends, family, business or just for fun! Just select your photos, videos, music and drop them in the show. Record your own voice-over track or add a soundtrack from a CD.

There are advantages to taking these classes in the summer. There is usually always space available and you will get more personal attention with smaller class sizes. Get the details on dates, times and full descriptions for each class on the SaddleBrooke Computer Club website at: – click Calendar link.

To Register for a Class

SaddleBrooke Computer Club members can register for as many classes as they like. If you are not currently a member, you can join by mail or online at: – click on Membership for details. New members pay $55 for an individual or $80 for a couple. This allows you to enroll in as many classes as you wish for your first calendar year. After your first year, a $30 annual course fee authorizes you to take any number of classes for subsequent calendar years.

Active members enroll in classes at – click the Enrollment link.