SaddleBrooke Community Outreach Happenings – March 2015

Model of a 1964 Mustang

Model of a 1964 Mustang

Jim Click Mustang raffle

Nan Nasser

How would you like to win a full sized version of this model car? Can you picture driving it around SaddleBrooke?

You now have an opportunity to buy a raffle ticket for the 2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition. (The photo is of a 1964 Mustang). There are only 1,965 of these cars produced and Ford Motor Company has provided one to the Jim Click Automotive Team.

There will be 300 Tucson charities selling tickets for the car and SaddleBrooke Community Outreach has been offered the opportunity to be among the 300. SBCO has 200 tickets, priced at $25 for one ticket, or five for $100. SBCO will keep 100% of the proceeds to support our programs which include Kids’ Closet, Teen Closet, education and food support for needy children in neighboring communities. Therefore, you might be able to claim the ticket price as a donation to a 501c3 charity that provides services to the working poor (unless you win the car!).

Of course if you win, we suggest you consult your tax preparer. Help our kids, dream about this great Mustang and possibly own a bit of history. Tickets are available at Suite L in the commercial center (Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) or visit our website

Teens get new clothes

SaddleBrooke Community Outreach recently held its annual January shopping trip for eligible teens from Catalina, Oracle and those in attendance at Canyon del Oro High School and Ironwood Ridge High School.

Students are selected for the clothing trip by school administrators. They must have passing grades, good attendance, regular contact with their school counselor and provide community service. Then they are paired with an SBCO volunteer for an evening of shopping at Target and Ross for Less. Together the student and adult find clothes suitable for classroom wear and remain within the recommended budget for the evening. This year one boy was going to a high school dance and made sure he had the proper pants and shirt!

Since the program began in 2002 we have provided 430 shopping trips for area teens, encouraging them to remain in school. Some students have enjoyed the shopping experience for four years and gone on to receive a college scholarship from SBCO. Thank you, Mimi Sander, for heading this fun, worthwhile project.

Meet and Greet April 6th

Nan Nasser

Ever wonder what SaddleBrooke Community Outreach really does? Do you like children? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of needy children?

Then plan to come to a brief social Meet & Greet event on Monday, April 6 at 4:30 p.m. in Suite L in the commercial center on SaddleBrooke Boulevard. This open house will follow our April board meeting, will include officers/directors of all aspects of SBCO, and will have light refreshments! In a small setting you will feel free to ask questions, get information about SBCO and see if there is a place for you in this 501c3 organization that provides services of clothing, education and nutrition to needy children in a 100 mile corridor from Catalina to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.

Since its inception in 1996 SBCO has devoted its energies to improving the lives of needy kids in communities around us. We are 100% volunteer and welcome all of you who share our goals. We provide clothes, tutoring, scholarships, food support of Tri Community Food Bank and the support of area enrichment programs. You can work directly with kids or support them from the comfort of your computer.

We do ask for an RSVP so that we can plan appropriately: email Willie Reich at [email protected] or call Willie directly 520-825-0117. We want to be certain we have enough nibbles for everyone! And we are very friendly.

SBCO collects labels and box tops for education

Nan Nasser

Emilie Siarkiewicz has reorganized this collection to benefit schools in our service area based on goals, wish lists and their own efforts to collect the labels and box tops.

Labels for Education has been in place for 41 years and has provided $114 million in merchandise to participating schools. This began with Campbell Soup Company and has expanded to Pepperidge Farm, Swanson, Bic, Post and Pace. These labels accumulate as points for art supplies, athletic equipment and academic supplies.

Box Tops was started in 1996 by General Mills and includes Green Giant, Hefty, Hanes, Progresso, Scott, Boise, Ziploc and Land O’ Lakes. Box tops coupons are worth $.10 each and the cash can be used for anything the kids need – playground equipment, field trips and books. A school can earn up to $20,000 with these little cardboard coupons.

Containers are at Suite L in the commercial center in SaddleBrooke HOA 1 Library and the DesertView Library. Kids’ Closet will have a drop off canister also. Look for containers at the Golden Goose Thrift Shop and SaddleBrooke Ranch in the near future. The SBCO office is open Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Currently labels will be collected for 1st Avenue Elementary School in San Manuel to help them obtain sporting equipment. Box tops will go to the Kennedy School north of Mammoth for the purchase of books. If other schools in our service area express an interest in the project they will be considered.

You certainly must eat something with a label or box top on it! Clip it off, bring it to a canister and help a child obtain a new book or a fresh soccer ball. You can make a difference by simply having a can of Progresso Soup!